Why you should file for divorce first

February 19, 2017by Melissa Williams


Marriage is a bliss till husband and wife both love each other to that extent and are ready to adjust with each other. But the same can turn to be very bitter if one of the both bring their ego in between, things can become sour to the extent that this relationship becomes a burden on both. To avoid those, bitter feelings, to keep yourself out of that anxiety, depression and bitter thoughts, you should file for divorce first with a divorce lawyer of your choice in Singapore. Before you become the dullest person at your workplace and you kill your creativity, it is better to file for the divorce.

Divorce in Singapore is not committing a sin; it doesn’t mean an end to your happy life. When you don’t find yourself comfortable in the other person’s company, there is no point in living with them. A small lie or a little doubt can make things turn out to be upside down. So, it is always better to keep your happiness in the first place. After all, you owe the joy; one should never give anyone that chance to hurt them and destroy their happiness.

It is true that filing a divorce is quite depressing for Singaporeans, but just look on the brighter side of it. If you don’t file for the divorce, you are only dying each day. You are only poisoning yourself. And when you inject with such a high negativity, you will simply end up destroying every beautiful thing of your life. Like your lovely thoughts, the closeness to God, the love for your pets, the love for your work, your friends. You may end up forgetting your life which you had before your marriage.

Not all chapters of life will be good, not everyone you meet will bring a smile to your face. Don’t worry, let go of the things which depress you, block your creativity and make you sad. Don’t forget that you are the child of the highest God when he breathed life into you; he didn’t judge you. He has a destiny for you; he has a purpose for your life. All you need to do is keep the faith and move on.

Filing a divorce first with your Singapore divorce lawyer will help you to figure out the road map of moving forward. As you will progress, you will start understanding the critical points of the process. When you understand the process, you get that time to plan your next move in a much better way. This will help you to regain confidence in yourself and your decision. And as you will move forward you can work on your terms and conditions and negotiate with your partner. The complicated journey can be simplified as you can talk with your spouse, and can operate on every terms and condition with mutual consent.

If you both work in mutual consent, neither you or your partner will have any bitter feelings for each other. You both are mature people, you both know the reason for the split, then it’s only you both who should take any decisions, and not others.