The impact of SEO on your sales

April 10, 2018by Melissa Williams

In the past few years, the digital landscape has undergone drastic changes. More and more people are using online platforms for carrying out their day to day chores. To capture the presence of potential customers, businesses are employing various online strategies. However, SEO (search engine optimization) still stays as a dominant and effective online marketing strategy. There are a series of benefits of having good SEO for your business. Some of the popular ones are detailed below from

Increase in traffic

Top rankings in search engine results get majority of clicks and impressions from targeted prospects. Good SEO can increase traffic and site positioning to a substantial level. SEO focuses on informative, keyword related title tags as well as Meta descriptions that turn up in search results. Having optimized descriptions and tags will increase traffic as well as click through rates that go a long way in increasing sales.


SEO is one of the most affordable marketing strategies. It targets people who are actually searching for your products/services on the net. As opposed to outbound strategies such as cold calling, the inbound nature of SEO helps a business to save money. Although cold calling can reap you results, the cost of acquisition of leads is really higher. On the flip side, getting leads through SEO gives better and faster results, and this makes effective SEO an ideal choice for any entrepreneur.

Increased online visibility 

Good SEO strategies are aimed at making your site search engine as well as user friendly. A well structured site with minimum graphics that loads faster tends to be search engine friendly. Likewise, a user-friendly site with easy navigation lets visitors to move from one page to another easily. With better SEO, the visibility of your site increases online, and this helps to get tons of targeted traffic repeatedly.


SEO presents quantifiable and traceable results, allowing you to measure the return on investment (ROI) on promoting your site online. By employing good quality SEO tactics, you can get higher amount of targeted traffic. If your product is really useful, the traffic can easily manifest into sales yielding higher profitability with higher ROI.

Brand awareness

Top page rankings lead to significant impressions. By employing proven SEO strategies, you can secure high page rankings in search query results. This means more exposure to your venture online. Also, staying on top positions through effective SEO builds trust among visitors who might become your customers over time.

Closing words

While making a prosperous venture on the World Wide Web is the dream of any entrepreneur, realizing this fruitful dream is pretty difficult. However, you can get through this herculean chore and achieve your online targets through effective SEO. Increase in traffic, higher return on investment, brand awareness, affordability and increased online visibility are the most important benefits of having good SEO for your business. If you wish to make a successful venture online, you ought to employ effective and latest SEO strategies that will yield results amidst dynamic business environment and changing search algorithms.