Importance of being on page 1 of Google search


Google has become a powerful tool to use these days and there is an increase in demand for being on top. More people are depending on it to find the best and useful results for any topic they want. Everyone relies on the Google results, not everyone trusts them but some want to make decisions through them. The most reliable and useful information can be found on the very first page of Google search. It will depend on the rank of the information and the content of the information in it. However, there is the importance of being on the first page of Google search.

The importance of Tampa SEO Company – Internet Marketing Experts – Free Consultations includes:


There are so many people who are online today and are purchasing decisions regarding different topics. Most of them research first before buying the services. The research is done by searching on the reviews, ratings, and descriptions of the product. Google lists all of the potential results that the customer is searching for. Being on the first page of Google increases your visibility and more people end up clicking on your website and this puts your business in the front.

2.Increase in traffic

People search in Google just to get an answer to a question that they have or looking for a service or information to their needs. Google displays the 10 results of the information on the first page. Most people never get to the second page because they find their answers on that page. This can be a disadvantage if you are not on this page as no one will be able to get your information and click on it. Being on the first page is an advantage as it will increase traffic to your website for many people will be clicking on it.

3.Increased opportunities for your business

Results on Google are based on a number of issues like the site rate, speed, and other host factors. If you are on the first page of Google this can be a great opportunity for your business as it will be seen by many. Though being at the top depends on your website and whether you can maintain it there.

4.Increases Business dependability

Not only does it improve your business growth but it makes your business authentic. Web visitors view the first page as more dependable and reliable than all the other pages. It is all about psychology that gives you a plus on your website. Though there are massive competitors, the ranking of your website increases its dependability and keeps you on top.

5.Reduction of costs

A top position and highest ranking on Google reduce certain costs such as advertising costs. There may be significant impacts on your marketing on social media too. Search engine marketing results may take time before producing the expected results especially if there are too many competitors.

6. Industry expertise increases

In order to be on the first page of Google, this requires your content to be of high quality. It may take time to build such content and for Google to recognize that the information is helping more people. Appearing on the first page is imperative for it increases the growth, development, and maintenance of the information based on your business

Lastly, it is all about perceptions. Most people click on the first websites of the first page because they know or think that those are the best information they can get and because most of them believe that Google knows what they are looking for and that’s why they may never go to the other pages. So being on the first page matters a lot and it might help you and your business to achieve all of the benefits listed above.