How to get a social security card replaced on the same day?

A social security card is an essential document issued to every US citizen or immigrant by the social security administration. It has a nine-digit unique number which can be used to avail benefits of the social security program and apply for the service under army and air force. One might also face issues while applying for a loan or paying their taxes. It acts as an identity card for most purposes in the US as seen onĀ

In case you are worried about losing your social security card, then you would be delighted to know that it is easy to get a social security card replaced on the same day. With growing incidents of thefts and robberies of social security cards, it is essential to report such incidents to prevent any misuse.

In order to get a replacement card, you must provide at least two documents to prove your identity and US citizenship. You are allowed to use original documents only. There is no fee for getting a replacement social security card. You can replace your card three times in year and maximum ten times in your lifetime. You can’t apply for the change of name and address while getting your social security card replaced.

In order to prove your identity, you can use your passport or a driver’s license. In some cases, state-issued ID cards are acceptable too. If you are not able to obtain abovementioned documents, then social security might ask for an employee id card or a military ID card (wherever applicable), but it could take more than then one day with these documents.

The number of documents which can be used to prove US citizenship is limited. It can be a passport or a birth certificate. You can use your passport for identity as well as citizenship verification. If you are not a US citizen, then immigration documents like I-94 Arrival/Departure Record, work permit, I-766 Employment Authorization Document, Form I-551 with an unexpired foreign passport should be useful. However, it might be difficult for immigrants to obtain their card on the same day as immigration authorities are involved too.

There are different ways of getting a replacement card. You can apply online through the website of social security administration and fill the form SS-4. There are plenty of private services offering application filling for SS-4. Or you can go to your local SSA office and apply in person. It would better to contact them through email or phone and explain them your situation before going to them. Some SSA local offices might not be willing to accept state-issued cards for the same day replacement. If everything is in order, then you would be issued a social security card replacement on the same day.

It would take at least 10 business days if you apply online as the documents would be manually checked and go through the different authorities. Your application would be one of the thousands of applicants who apply every day. But if you explain your situation in person and have any proof for that, then local SSA office would be more accommodating.

Some local offices might issue a printout of the replacement card. Be careful to keep it safe and wait for the original one to be issued.