Everything You Need To Know About Temporal Social Security Numbers

June 17, 2018by Melissa Williams

Social security numbers and cards are important for US citizens. Without a social security number, most activities will stagnate for you. However, this does not happen to US citizens only. Foreigners can also apply for a social security number. Here let us look at all details you need to know about temporary security numbers and cards.

What Is A Social Security Card And / Or Number?
An important feature here is the social security number. The card is for compliment purposes. A social security number is a unique number given to a person working in the US. Why is it important to get one as a foreigner? If you want a job, an employer will ask you for it. For taxation, (IRS always has information) a social security is important. We can say that a social security number is crucial for the government to track your activities, losing one will force you to go through a https://www.application-filing-service.com/socialsecuritycard/form-ss-5/.

How to Get a Temporary Social Security Card
Here, we are referring to the application process. When you arrive in the US, you realize everything works using a social security card. The application process requires patience.
Fill up a receipt of the application (which acts as proof of actual SSN) and then drop it the SAS office addressed to the business administrator. He/she will then follow up with the human resource to get a temporary SSN for you. After replacing the temporal SSN in the payroll system, follow up with the business administrator and get a receipt for your social security card. The BA is the responsible for sending relevant copies to the human resource office for recording. The SSN is then be updated on the system with your name. After this, a social security card will be issued.

What Is Required For You To Apply For A Temporary SSN?
The only condition that can qualify you to apply for a social security number as a non-citizen is work purposes. If your Visa reads that you came to the US for work, you can go ahead and apply for a social security number. If your aim is leisure, you cannot apply for an SSN.

What Limitations Are There For Non-Citizens?
As mentioned above, social security numbers can only be obtained by foreigners if they are working. Other cases normally applicable for citizens are a no to foreigners. Enrolling for health insurance, applying for loans, and doing driving lessons are some of the services foreigners cant access and even if you have an SSN, it is still hard to access services like a US citizen.

What Are The Benefits Having A Social Security Number As A Non-Citizen?
1. Your social security benefits will apply even outside the US
Don’t get excited just yet. The benefits apply but only for limited period of time. After going out of US, social security benefits will follow you and if you want them to last, return to the US and stay there for a month.
2. Your spouses will get benefits too

There is a catch though. For a spouse to benefit from your social security, your country of origin should have an agreement with the US. Another case scenario is when a spouse has lived in the US for 5 or more years. Here, the spouse can get benefits without the country of origin getting involved.

Apart from a few conditions here and there, US non-citizens can reap benefits from social security numbers. If you are wise, include work in your Visa, and these benefits can work for you without limitations. All in all, you can’t have equal rights with US citizens, can you?