Choosing a good SEO consultant

April 14, 2018by Melissa Williams

The SEO consultant is a full-service search engine optimization firm with the experience to optimize your site. Without proper SEO a website would not be able to distinguish itself from the thousands of similarly themed sites. The companies are turning to SEO firms to promote and place their website on Google and major search engines. But with numerous SEO consultants, the big question remains How to choose an SEO consultant? What are factors to assess before selecting an SEO expert for my website?

How to choose an SEO consultant?

While choosing an SEO consultant, communicate with them thoroughly and judge their response. You need to decide an SEO provider that will understand the needs of your website and provide quality service. Do as much as of a background check on your SEO specialist as possible to make the best decision for your business and website. Here are some factors you must consider before you choose your SEO specialist. Does the consultant focus on quality or quantity?

The SEO consultant should not only get you many visitors to your site but quality visitors. He needs to focus on keywords that generate revenue; not just more traffic. Through extensive keyword research and competitor analysis, they should identify the keywords that will produce the highest possible return on your investment.

Look at the SEO Methods they are using.

When you’re choosing an SEO consultant, learn about the methods that they will use to optimize your website. Avoid those whose seem to be focused on paid tricks to generate web traffic. The consultant should be able to apply organic or natural SEO. Natural SEO optimization is the best as it makes it more accessible to the search engines.

Track Work record

Tojudge if a consultant is worth hiring, look and see its track record, portfolio, and past & current clients. He should be willing to show you the results that they have achieved since they have been in business. Ask for some sites they have optimized, Review them in detail and make a note of the keywords used. Visit and note these keyword ranking on various search engine and compare them to any rankings that the firm has listed in their marketing materials. If you find several sites in the top ten of the search engine rankings, the chances are that the SEO consulting firm gets good results. If the SEO company has delivered first page rankings consistently, then you can include them in the selection process.

Look client reviews

Look for customer reviews and suggestions on which SEO consultant is reliable. Apart from excellent rankings, you should find out how well the company works with clients. The consultant may have good technical skills, but the staff members lack the client service skills needed. You need to Ask;

Names and contact information of several references so you can check the company’s history of client service. If they refuse this, then you have reasons to be suspicious

  • How long it takes the company to return phone calls
  • How thoroughly staff answered questions
  • The overall level of satisfaction was with the consultant in questions

Experience in SEO industry

Experienced SEO consultants have a better knowledge of how search engines algorithms behave. They will inquire about your business, website, and expectations. See their portfolio and check if they have ever done any SEO campaign related to your industry and what were their results. This will ensure that they know what needs to be done to get your website to the first page of Google.

SEO processes and practices

Some SEO consultant uses black hat tactics to acquire results that may show quick results but prove disastrous in the long term. Such tactics can result in your site dropping in SERPs after few months. You should not risk your company’s prospects and reputation by associating with companies which employ shady practices. The SEC consultant should be forthright on its tactics and practices.

Highly sophisticated and secret algorithms determine SEO ranking. A good SEO firm will be able to factor in ranking variables like age of the site, content, competition, etc. It will make sure that your website gets the right exposure from backlinks and ensuring your site is Google friendly.